Aristo - v1.0

Getting Started with Aristo Download Manager

Aristo Download Manager with it's simple and user-friendly interface provides convenient and fast downloads. You can organize, schedule or limit your downloads according to your needs.

Adding URLs to Aristo
Managing Downloads
Status of Downloads
Aristo Tools
Aristo Preferences
Purchase and Register Aristo

Adding URL's to Aristo

You can add a URL address by one of the following methods:

1- You can use "Add" button which is located on the main window of Aristo.
2- You can drag a selected link and drop it on the Aristo main window or on the Aristo Drop Box.
3- Aristo can catch every URL address copied to the clipboard.
4- You can add a new URL by choosing "New Download" from the File menu.

Here is a detailed explanation of the "New Download" window:

There are three general modes for adding a URL:

You can add a download to Aristo without forcing it to start. This means you just want to add the URL for later downloading. Aristo uses this mode as default.

Alternatively, you can force download immediately when you add a file to the Aristo queue. This means the download will be forced to begin downloading immediately, no matter how many other downloads are active at the time. You can activate this mode by checking the 'Download Now' option in the "New Download" window.

Finally, you can have your downlaoad scheduled to begin at a predefined date and time. If you like there is also an option to stop downloading after a predefined time period. You can activate this mode by checking the 'Enable Scheduled Download' option in the "New Download" window. Unlike Scheduled Downloads option under the Tools menu, this option is only schedules a single download.

Choose download folder and file name (Path/Filename)
The "Path" field determines the download folder for this file. With the "Browse" button you can quickly browse for the different or new folder where this download to be placed. In the "Filename" field you can set the name of the new file.

Que Position
Que Position allows you to set the position of your download for automatic downloading. Every download starts with a number. You can set the position for automatic downloading here or you can select and move up or down any download in the main window of Aristo to choose a prefered position.

Integration with Browsers
Aristo integrates with FireFox and Internet Explorer, through a contextual menu for links. To download any file or image just choose "Download with Aristo" or "Download Image with Aristo" using the contextual menu.

Managing Downloads

In the main window of Aristo, you can easily manage your downloads.

Add - With this function, you can add new download to your queue.

Start - New url's start at the paused state as default. You can select a download to start from the download list (queue) and hit start button to begin downloading or you can choose the 'Start Download' menu item from the 'Downloads' menu. Also you can pull down the contextual menu (right mouse click) and choose 'Start'.

Start Auto - When you click on the "Start Auto" button, files are downloaded automatically one after another, files can be reorganized when automatic downloading is active.

Pause - With this function you can pause the selected download for later downloading. Paused downloads will be included in automatic downloading.

Pause all - This function will pause all running downloads and put them in paused state.

Aristo allows you to resume every individual file download. If you got part of a file, Aristo will restart the download at the point where it is broken or paused so Aristo only gets the rest of the file, without having to restart from the beginning. This makes downloading of your files much easier.
To resume a download you can select the file in the Aristo Main Window and click the 'Start' button or you can choose the 'Start Download' menu item from the 'Downloads' menu. Also you can pull down the contextual menu (by right mouse click) and choose 'Start'.

Status of Downloads

The status of every download is shown in the Main Window in the column Status. There are four possibilities for every download: Running, Paused, Scheduled and Done.

Running - During a download, a progress bar appears in the Main Window with the percentage of the download in progress.

Paused - This status means that the user has paused the download, or a new file is added to the queue without forcing. Downloads in this state can be downloaded with the automatic downloading function.

Scheduled - This status means that a download is waiting for its time in the queue for downloading.

Done - This state means that Aristo has successfully downloaded your file. To reach the real file you can use "Locate in Finder" (right mouse click) function.

Aristo Tools

Aristo tools (extra functions) available from the main menu.

Window Menu

Show URL Drop Box - When downloading is in progress you may want to work with other programs and that is when the Drop Box will help you. Just choose Show URL Drop Box from the 'Window' menu. You can drag and drop URL addresses to the Drop Box which will always remain on top, and Aristo will put these files in the queue with normal priority (see 'Download Now' in Tools menu).
When you double click on the Drop Box, you can show the Main Window.

Maximize/Minimize the Main Window - in 'Window' menu you can use this functions to maximize/minimize the Main Window.

Download History - You can reach the Download History section. Here all finished downloads will appear sorted by date of completion.

Tools Menu

Password Manager - In the Password Manager panel you can specify your authentication information for HTTP or FTP servers. When URLs from these servers are downloading, Aristo will try to login with the authentication information included in this panel.

Add - To add new server/path authorization you must click this button. The server/path is the URL address of server and path that requires authentication.

Edit - This button gives you the opportunity to change server/path, user name or password of the selected Server/Path.

Delete - This operation will delete a selected Server/Path.

Obey Speed Limit - This function lets you turn on/off the speed limit for downloading set in the preferences.

Schedule downloads - With this very function you can schedule your files to download at anytime you want.

Enable Scheduled Downloads - Check this box when you want to schedule automatic downloading to start. You can use the following options:
Start Time - This is the time when you want Aristo to begin downloading the queue. This time applies to the specified date/days of the week.

Start Date - In this field you can specify the exact date for starting automatic downloading.

Start on Dates - Here you can set a day or multiple days of the week when Aristo will start downloading your files.

Stop After - You can use this countdown clock to stop downloading measured from the time of clicking the OK button.

Shutdown When Done/Sleep When Done - Your computer will be turned off/sleep immediately: If the downloads in the queue are finished.

Download Now - If this function is turned on, when you add file(s) to the queue, it will begin downloading immediately.

Sleep When Done/Shut Done When Done - Aristo can Sleep or Shut down the computer when all downloads in the queue are finished.

Browser Integration - If this option is on, Aristo will add the contextual menu function "Download with Aristo" and "Download Image with Aristo" to your browser. This function works only with FireFox and Internet Explorer browsers.

Downloads Menu

Locate in Finder - You can Locate in Finder your file download. With the contextual menu (right click in main window) or from Downloads menu > Locate in Finder function you can find your selected file any time you want.

Reset Download - Reset download is a function that will reset/restart your download from the beginning. You may use this function when you are sure that your file is corrupted.

Delete Download - You can do this in several ways. You can delete the download via the contextual menu (right click in main window), or by selecting the file and choosing Delete Download in the Downloads menu.

Remove Download - You can do this in several ways. You can remove the download via the contextual menu (right click in main window), or by selecting the file and choosing Remove Download in the Downloads menu. Remove Download function just removes the file from the queue, if you also want to delete the file you can use "Delete Download" function.

Start All - Start All function is different from the Start Auto (Automatic Downloading). If you turn on Start All function, all downloads in queue (paused, scheduled..etc) will start immediately.

Clear Completed Downloads - This function clears/removes all completed (finished) downloads from the queue. You can also clear the completed downloads via the contextual menu (select item and right click in main window).

File Menu

Import/Export Download List - This function allows importing of URL list from a text file, one URL per line. "Export Download List" function exports your current download que to a text file one URL per line.

Aristo Preferences

General Preferences

Default Download Location - Lets you choose your default folder for downloading files to.

Watch Clipboard for URL's - If checked, Aristo will monitor the clipboard for a valid URL.

Always Show Save Dialog - If checked, Aristo will ask you where you want to save each download, if not checked it will download files to the default folder with the file name given in the URL address.

Remove Completed Download from List - If checked, Aristo will remove completed downloads from the list (main window).

Keep Download History - If checked, Aristo will keep the download history of all finished downloads.

Run Aristo on Login - If checked, Aristo will be launched automatically when your Operating System starts up.

Network Preferences

Connection Timeout - This lets you specify how long for Aristo to wait for a server to respond to a request. If, after that timeout period the remote server doesn't return any response, Aristo will retry the connection.

Max. Number of Retries - This field determines how many times Aristo will try to reconnect after receiving an error.

Speed Limit - This field lets you set a speed limit for Aristo. Aristo will try to stay close to this limit when downloading. This feature will allow you to download files with Aristo and still use your internet connection without any loss of performance.
You must set on the 'Obey Speed Limit' function in the Tools menu to use this feature of Aristo.

Proxy - Many networks use firewalls to block outgoing connections, if for any reason you need to download a file through another computer, Aristo supports SOCKS proxy. To enable proxy function, just click the "Use Proxy" checkbox, and write appropriate Host and Port.

Purchase and Register Aristo

You may try Aristo out, free of charge for 21 days. After that, you will need to register in order to continue using it.


Since Aristo is available with its full features, all sales are final.
Please take a few minutes to review your order information before completion.

Sales Information

Aristo and related documentation are downloadable from our web site.
We do not ship any physical products (e.g. CD-ROM's and printed manuals).
For Volume pricing, please email us at [email protected] for details.

$20 : 1 User license.
$30 : 2 User license. (Save $10)
$75 : 5 User license. (Save $25)

Purchasing Aristo

By pushing the 'Buy Now' button at startup (Trial Pop up Screen) or our website ( you can begin the payment process.

Registering Aristo

After the purchasing of Aristo from our website you need to activate (register) it. To do that, you can push the 'Register' button at startup, or you can choose the 'Register' function in the Help menu. The registration will remove all limitations of unregistered version such as Trial Pop-up Window.